Your assignment is to write a game analysis. 1) Choose one of the four “types”

Your assignment is to write a game analysis.
1) Choose one of the four “types” of game analysis
2) Use that “type” only to analyze a particular element of your chosen game
Here are the examples :
1. Using semiotic analysis, investigate how the scoring system works in Passage as well as what the score symbolizes in the game.
2. Using narrative analysis, consider how the player’s choices affect the ending they get in Depression Quest.
3. Using contextual analysis, consider how accurate The McDonald’s Game’s criticisms of the McDonald’s corporation are based on “real life” evidence. (You might want to choose one or two criticisms to focus on with this one, as there are a lot throughout the game.)
4. Using procedural rhetoric analysis, consider how We Become What We Behold’s gameplay makes the player complicit in the violence that occurs at the end of the game.
Begin with a short paragraph that introduces your response. It should describe 1) which gameyou’re going to be analyzing, 2) what element of the game you’re planning to focus on or what question you’re trying to answer, 3) which “type” of game analysis you’ll be using in your response, and 4) what the reader is going to learn about your chosen game from your analysis.
Dedicate your body paragraphs to analyzing the element or answering the question you’ve chosen to focus on, using one of the four “types” of game analysis throughout. Be sure to provide evidence from your chosen game as support for your claims.
● Introduce their thesis clearly at the beginning of their response while giving the reader an idea of how they will present their analysis throughout the rest of the paper?
● Identify a specific element from their chosen game that they will analyze?
● Identify which of the four “types” of game analysis they will be using for their response?
● Clearly and convincingly use their chosen “type” of analysis throughout their response?
● Support their analysis with specific examples taken from their chosen game?
● Your response should be at least three full, double-spaced pages long.
● Your response should include at least three quotations or visual examples from your chosen game. When quoting from or otherwise citing the game, you only need to include the game’s title in parentheses. There is no need to include a references page with your response, unless you include optional outside sources.

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