You must include scholarly sources formatted per APA writing guidelines to suppo

You must include scholarly sources formatted per APA writing guidelines to support your answers and/or perspectives. Please be advised that in-text citations AND a list of your references are required.
Assume you are a member of Congress casting the deciding vote on an extremely controversial issue. For example, deciding whether or not to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for every American citizen. Assume your personal beliefs regarding the issue are different from the majority of the people in your district. Would you vote according to your personal beliefs or for the best interest of your constitutes? If you were able to vote anonymously, would that change the way you would vote on the controversial issue? Why or why not?
Historically, Congress has consisted mostly of white, wealthy, upper-middle-class men. In your opinion, is Congress really representative of “the people”? Why or why not?
In your opinion, can Congress truly represent women, minorities, and people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds?
As you learned in this week’s lesson, running for Congress is extremely expensive. Assume you are a member of Congress who agrees that individuals who have a documented history of mental illness and/or a history of domestic violence should be restricted from purchasing a firearm. However, assume the National Rifle Association (NRA) contributes millions of dollars to your campaign efforts every election season. In return for their votes and monetary support, the organization expects you to never pass laws restricting gun sales to anyone regardless of their mental illness/violent past. Otherwise, they will stop supporting you both financially and in their votes. How would you address this dilemma? Make sure your answer is detailed.
In your opinion, can individuals from lower socioeconomic backgrounds get elected to Congress and be successful in serving their constitutes? If yes, how? If no, why not?
Consider your personal beliefs on abortion laws (i.e. Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life). As a constituent, would you continue to support/vote for a member of Congress who receives millions of dollars from organizations whose beliefs/stance on abortion laws contradicts yours? Why or why not?

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