Write this paper on the impact of the Homeless at libraries. Many homeless peo

Write this paper on the impact of the Homeless at libraries. Many homeless people use the library as a home during operating hours. Some sleep outside the building after operating hours. Explore topics such as an responsibliiy the library has to accomodationg the homeless. Explore issues such as dealing with homeless with mental illnesses. Explore the issues with the homeless and they hygiene issues and how to deal with the body odor. Explore dealing with the homeless who are substance abusers. Explore dealing with the homeless sleeping outside the building and the trash they produce on the library grounds as well as the image it gives to others visiting by seeing these homeless people sleeping outside the building. Explore the strategies in communicating with the homeless. Explore what resources the library can provide to helping the homeless. Explore the trouble in trying to accomodate both homeless patrons and patrons without homes.
Write this paper as someone with dual thoughts on this topic. As someone sympathetic to the plight of the homeless. I think the library should be a safe place for everyone. This includes those with and without homes. At the same time, I think we should also be considerate of everyone else. If a homeless person is exhibiting bad behavior that should be asked to leave. A more sensitive issue is the strong body odor. These odors may be very offensive to others. I think if a homeless person has a strong odor they too should be asked to leave.
With that being said I think the library should partner with local agencies to provide resources to the homeless. I think Social Services departments, health departments, and substance abuse departments shoud be partnered with to come to the library and us one of the meeting rooms to meet with the homeless and provide services.
1.The introduction should have a clear thesis and objectives. It should
a. Say What the paper is about
b. Describe the topic of discussion
c. State the importance of the topic of the paper
2. Review of Literature Sources
a. Analyze the topic critically as it appears in scholorly literature
b. Make your own critical assessment of the solution or topic. You can use first person “I” in this section. Describe the tradeoffs between solutions under certain cons, or identify the single solution you feel is best
c. Offer your opions regarding this particular issue, refere to appropriate perfessional sources in support of your opinion as appropriate.
3. Conclusions and Recommendation
a. Now that you reviewed this issue, what are two or three major conclusions that you have reached? What specific recommendations would you offer to deal with ( and perhaps resolve) the issue raised
The paper should cover topic in-depth with details and examples. Subject knowledge should be excellent based on sound research through journal articles.
Use Heading and Subheadings to organize the paper
Include a “wrap up” conclusion that makes sense out of the paper as a whole.
Finish the paper with a statement not a quote

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