Weeks 4–5: Modern Perspectives on IT Many organizations operate as a collection

Weeks 4–5: Modern
Perspectives on IT
Many organizations operate as a
collection of functions, such as R&D, Production, Marketing, Sales, Human
Resources, etc. Often these functions exist largely independent from each other
with alignments between functions that are suboptimal. This is changing.
Leaders who seek improvement in their organization’s competitive advantage are
adopting a systems perspective instead of using siloed functions. By improving
the overall organizational system and increasing the alignment between
functions, organizations improve their performance and increase value created
for multiple stakeholders.
IT was once thought of as one of the
many organizational functions, but that is changing. The modern perspective of
organizational leadership recognizes IT as not only a tool for creating
business opportunities and solving business challenges, but also for acting as
a catalyst to improve the alignment of organization functions. One example of
this is the growing number of enterprise-wide solutions that seek to share
information across the entire organization, such as Enterprise Resource Planning
systems (ERPs), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRMs), and Knowledge
Management systems (KMs).
IT impacts the organizational culture,
partner and supplier relationships, customer perceptions of the organization’s
brand, and much more. Over the next 2 weeks you will explore research on these
modern perspectives of the role IT performs in organizations. You will also
explore other changes that IT is contributing to, including business model
innovation, and new ways IT is creating value for customers as well as the
Learning Objectives
Independent scholars will:
Analyze prior research in the field of IT for
competitive advantage in order to identify opportunities for new research
Evaluate applicability of IT for competitive
advantage research literature to business practices and social change
Assess the potential impact of a peer group’s
research findings on the field of IT for competitive advantage
Construct an annotated bibliography of resources
related to the proposed research topic for preparation of the final paper
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