Using “The Truth about Employee Engagement”, “Are you an Ideal Team Player” and

Using “The Truth about Employee Engagement”, “Are you an Ideal Team Player” and “Who’s Sinking Your Boat”, answer the following:
Where are you in the boat?
Where do you want to be?
Of the “3 Keys”, what ones do you do and what ones does your boss do?
Scenario regarding Mike and Joe:

Dina’s Book Review- The Truth About Employee Engagement by Patrick Lencioni

Questions to consider:
What is Brian up to?
How has Joe’s attitude changed towards his staff?
Managing Up
Succession Planning
The Truth about Employee Engagement
2.) Are you a Team Player
I would definitely consider myself a teamplayer. Being a teamplayer requires certain characteristics, which are consideration of others on the team, being dependable, and being dedicated. Lencioniv mentions that humility is considered an essential part of being a teamplayer. Humility is described as putting others first, or acknowledging others before yourself. Based on my experiences, I’ve dealt with colleagues who considered themselves the “know it all” and not willing to consider the ideas from the rest of the team. The main goal of our medical office is to support the medical staff and patients to the best of our ability, especially when we’re short staffed.
The medical office I previously worked for always had issues when a task required teamwork. Another reason to work in teams depended on the workload we had to deal with. Some of the issues I’ve had with the team involved attendance, lack of humility from one or two of the colleagues, and lack of commitment to get the job done. Each issue resulted in interpersonal conflicts among the others, due to differences of opinions and ideas. Every task is explained by the manager, but that one person with no humility has their own suggestions and wants the team to follow them. As a result, we always end up working individually. There was also a lack of accountability when something wasn’t done. No one wants to pick up the slack for the rest of the team. You’re considered trustworthy and mature when you admit to your mistakes and are willing to correct them.
As a team player, I always make sure each person can contribute and willingly share their ideas. It’s a great way to avoid anyone feeling that they don’t matter or are singled out. I feel that if humility was involved, then the team would end up working together. As the saying goes, there’s no “I” in team. Everyone should be willing to accept one anothers personalities and differences in opinions as well. If each individual knows working as a team is suggested for whatever task, then we should be able to depend on one another to be available when needed.
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Who’s Sinking your Boat?

The Lencioni Method

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