Use the book if you reference anything. The instructions and questions are belo

Use the book if you reference anything. The instructions and questions are below. Feel free to ask any questions.
Here’s a reference my mom was a teacher and my dad work on the base as well at the airport. As I got older my dad became a little strict no too strict.
I was the youngest and very independent, so if I asked for anything I got it because I deserved it.
My mom was sweet and the rule maker my dad went with the flow..that’s kind of a guide for the 1st portion of the paper.
Parenting Questions:
1st Portion of the paper:
What parenting style did your parents or caregivers use?
Did it change over time?
Was it different depending on the child?
Would you choose to parent in the same style that your parents or caregivers did?
`Why or why not?
2nd Portion of the paper:
What are the roles and responsibilities adults assume when they become parents?
In what ways might the roles and responsibilities of fathers and mothers differ? Be the same?
What are effective discipline techniques for children at different stages of development?
What communication strategies support the emotional well-being of family members?
What are the consequences of parenting practices on children, the family, and society?
What personal knowledge, skills, attitudes, and situational factors enhance or limit my ability to meet the responsibilities of parenting?
What contradictions exist between my perception of parenthood and the realities of parenthood?
Please write in a paper format, minimum of 2 pages. 12 pt. font, double spaced, times new roman.

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