Topics need to focus on biology (evolution, ecology), this is very broad so many

Topics need to focus on biology (evolution, ecology), this is very broad so many topics do qualify. Ask if you are unsure how to ensure your topic is appropriate.
For presenting a scientific topic of your choosing, you must include 2 peer-reviewed studies (primary research is the actual experimentation done by scientists). Please provide background information relevant to your topic and explain the significance of the articles to research in this area. Presentations should contain original figures (as well as other supporting figures or short videos) from these studies with the proper citations. Remember to thoroughly explain figures so everyone can understand. Copying and pasting is considered plagiarism. All writing should be in your own words. Students should compare and criticize different studies. Please do not simply restate the findings the authors provide.
In addition to the two peer-reviewed research articles you will be discussing, there must be a minimum of 3 other supporting peer-reviewed articles (these do not have to be primary research). THIS BRINGS YOUR MINIMUM TOTAL OF REFERENCES TO 5. You can obviously have more, but I will be looking for 5.
To make sure your research is progressing you will submit an annotated bibliography of your 5 peer reviewed article (Draft midway through term). The annotated bibliography must be on the same issue as your research presentation and is the source material from which it is created. The annotated bibliography will contain three parts for each article:
The bibliographic entry cited in a correct format (see APA Reference Guide link) Make sure to follow the APA template for the format of your citations.
summary of the articles main theme (at least 4 typed lines as a stand alone paragraph); Cutting and pasting from the article or the internet is plagiarism and will result in a zero for the assignment; and,
a detailed summary of the importance of the article to your topic (at least 14 typed lines as a stand alone paragraph). How is the article relevant to your topic (10 lines)? Why did you use this source (2-3 lines)? How reliable is this source (1 line)? In total, each annotated entry should be at minimum 18 typed single-spaced lines in length.
Presentations should include title slide, 2-3 introduction slides that provide background on the topic you are focused on, “study slides”, which include the purpose, hypothesis, materials and methods, results and conclusions from the 2 studies you are discussing, an overall “conclusion” slide, and a “works cited” slide. This means you will have approximately 15-20 slides total. SEE EXAMPLE FOR FORMAT EXPECTATIONS.
Your works cited slide will list all your references in APA format. Figure sources must also be cited.
If you have previously done this sort of assignment for me, or any other professor, you are required to present on a different topic. If you have previously done an assignment like this, please write in the notes section on title slide what semester and/or class you did this for, and what your previous topic(s) was.
To keep you on track with this assignment you will submit
Your topic title and one peer-reviewed journal article on this topic (link or pdf) posted to a discussion board during the first week
A draft annotated bibliography listing your 5 peer reviewed (2 of which are primary research) articles, a brief summary of each article and a description of the importance of that article to your presentation topic. You will receive feedback on this.
A final version of your annotated bibliography
A recorded version (video or voice-over of a PowerPoint) of your 10-minute presentation posted to the blackboard. Be sure to see the FAQs Discussion Board Post for instructions.
Please find the due dates in the schedule.

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