Topic: Effects of Substance Use Disoder on Lower Socio-economic Families In a pa

Topic: Effects of Substance Use Disoder on Lower Socio-economic Families
In a paper of at least 1,800 words (not including title,
abstract, and reference pages), persuasively argue that your topic of
interest and the specific research question you have identified are
pertinent to your field of study and of interest to the broader academic
and practitioner community. Build on material from your weekly
Discussion Forums and the feedback from your classmates and your
instructor to address the following:
Analyze the over-arching topic you are interested in and what
justifies your research question, basing your analysis on the
information you have gathered on the topic throughout this course. Cite
literature you have found that explores, studies, or debates critical
aspects of the topic or question.
Create a compelling argument that reinforces why you believe your
topic is relevant to your field of study, and why your research question
is important to answer, using principles of persuasive writing.
Assess the audience for a research study on your topic of interest,
describing who might be interested in the answer to your research
Analyze how practitioners might use the answer to your research
question to improve client service or to advance understanding in your
field of study
Predict how the results of a study to address your research question might be used.
Appraise how you as a researcher might overcome any ethical concerns
that could be associated with conducting a study to address your
research question.
Your paper should incorporate the following persuasive-writing elements:
A strong opening that engages and draws in your reader to the arguments you will make in your paper;
Powerful descriptors and arguments that identify and support your
positions with respect to the topic and question you have identified;
Responses to anticipated questions or potential disagreement about
the importance of your choice of topic or research question; and
Summary points that tie up loose ends and leave your reader with a
clear picture of your position with respect to the topic of interest and
research question you have selected.
The Defending Your Research Topic and Question paper
Must be at least 1,800 words in length (exclusive of abstract, title
and reference pages), and formatted according to the UAGC Writing
Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.) resource.
Incorporate at least five scholarly sources (see Scholarly, Peer-Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.)).
Include title, abstract and reference pages in your paper.
Use resources listed in the Week 1 assignment to help you correctly format your paper.

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