Throughout the class, we will focus on our leadership skills. On the surface, th

Throughout the class, we will focus on our leadership skills. On the surface, this may seem easy, but we will see just how easy it is as well go along. You are required to have conversations with your peers. I will not set a minimum or maximum. Demonstrate your ability to lead and be led.
Each week, through the readings, through your research, through suggestions by your family, friends, co-workers….identify one leadership skill that you want to focus on to develop in the class. Let me give you an example:
For instance, I know that I have “information power” in the fact that I know finance. My family does not have this particular skill. Thus, I can identify that as a skill I do NOT need to develop, but SHARING my knowledge IS something I need to develop.
So, what would I need to do to develop this skill? Of course, I would need to share my information. So you want to identify the skill, and then develop a plan that you will practice developing this skill during this class. The plan might be:
“My family does not have access to financial information should something happen to me. Thus I need to have a central file of some sort that has policy information, contact numbers, passwords to important websites, etc. I will need to explain my vision of sharing this data with my family, train them on where this data resides, and potentially run them through a mock disaster planning scenario.”
The discussion boards are a place where we can share our plans, ideas, and keep track of our experiences.
Part of your plan should include obtaining feedback from those involved in your plans.
You will want to identify at least 5 leadership skills throughout the class (you can do more if you like). You will constantly be reporting on this in the discussion boards. The discussion should be focused on what results you are seeing, challenges you are having (thus you can practice leadership skills with each other) – bring strategies to the table!
The goal is to make it obvious in your life that you are a leader, no matter your roles are at this time. Important: Always tie your plan to the readings from the text or other sources that you research. You can also freely use Internet sources, just make sure they are not -pedia sites. Use reputable sources 🙂

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