Thoroughness (did you include all required parts of the assignment)

Parent Presentation on Childhood Trauma
For this assignment, imagine that you have been asked to share information about children and trauma with parents who know little about the topic. You will create a pamphlet, brochure, PowerPoint presentation, audio (with text-based transcript) recording, or video that explains the basics of childhood trauma.
Your presentation should include all of the following information:
how trauma differs from other challenging or negative experiences a child might have;
some common types of trauma that a child may experience;
the child, family, and trauma event factors that influence how a child responds to trauma; and
a basic description of how the brain and body respond when faced with a threat or trauma.
Remember that, in order to be credible to your (hypothetical) audience, you must write or speak clearly and cite reputable sources for your information. You must also define any terms that are likely to be unfamiliar to most people and write or speak in easy-to-understand language.
Your presentation will be graded on its:
thoroughness (Did you include all required parts of the assignment)
overall appeal (Would a parent find your presentation easy to follow and professionally done?)
5 slides

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