This Project is divided into 3 parts -Please Note: ONLY PART II is due at this m

This Project is divided into 3 parts -Please Note: ONLY PART II is due at this moment.
Project Instructions by the Professor:
This project requires you to apply the knowledge you obtain during the course of the semester. It allows you to examine an actual company by applying the analytical methods discussed in class. There are three parts to the project. In part one, you collect and calculate risk and return measures for your company. In part two, you complete a basic financial statement analysis of the company (This is what’s due at the moment only).
In part three, you value the stock.
The project is unlike standard problems found in a book since it does not have an “exact” answer. Much of your analysis requires you to make assumptions about the firm and its prospects. In addition, since you are an outsider, you often must try to infer management’s intentions from their actions. I do not expect your output to be “perfect.” I simply expect you to produce an analysis that is logical and free from “obvious mistakes.” To assist you I have provided a sample project from a previous semester (you must use the sample project and instructions provided by Dr. Ramirez and not any other instructor) that made a B+/A- (range of 87-90) on the project. Additionally, I have created three videos that demonstrate how to do the required calculations, and how to react to possible data problems.
The final output from the project is a written analysis. It should be organized into three distinct sections corresponding to the three parts of the project. Copies of the completed spreadsheet used in the project should be uploaded with the written report. Note, I am mostly grading your written report, but will use the spreadsheet to verify your analysis. You are to submit two files in D2L. The first must be a Word file with your written analysis (I will provide a sample that you can use as a model for your project). The second is an Excel (or .xlsx compatible) file with your statistical analysis. I have experienced problems with D2L uploads the past few semesters, so you should also send me a D2L email with the two files attached.
You can choose from the following companies, AAP, CAG, EMR, HPE, OLN, LUMN, SMG, and WAB. You will choose one of the two companies whose first letter is closest to the first letter in your last name. For instance, someone named Ramirez must choose between LUMN and SMG. If your last name begins with a letter that matches the first letter of a ticker symbol, then you can choose among three companies. For instance, a person named Hodges could choose between EMR, HPE, and OLN. If your last name begins between X and Z, you choose between WAB and AAP.
If you should turn in a project not permitted based on your last name, your project will be graded, then half of your score will be deducted. Thus, a score for a permitted project that would be 100 will be a 50 for you.
Extra Instructions by me:
Make sure this project is strictly authentic as the professor is very strict about plagiarism,.
Since my last name is KHAN, and the requirement is to choose the closest company resembling the first letter of my last name I think my best option would be to proceed with the Company LUMN. Please let me know if that’s okay?
I am attaching a sample file provided by the professor which you can use as a reference to what his expectations are and how should it look like etc
I am Attaching the instruction video and file and also the Company project file.
The requirement is to have a minimum of 4 paragraphs and 4 graphs. Make sure there are two files one with written analysis and graphs (formal report type) and one with an excel analysis file which is separate where a professor can see the entire analysis/calculations/graphs etc.
If you are using any reference from any external source kindly make sure to provide the citations.
Once again, this project is divided into 3-PARTS but ONLY PART II is what we need to complete.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions.

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