This paper needs to be 5 Pages long not including the cover and reference pages.

This paper needs to be 5 Pages long not including the cover and reference pages. So actual total for everything should be 7.
For this assignment, think about a clinical topic, problem or question that interests you and/or from your personal,
professional, or clinical experiences. Come up with a paper approaching the problem/question using the five evidence-
based practice guidelines discussed below. The problem/question will be related to nursing practice in some way. In
other words, there needs to be nursing implications to addressing your question. Overall guidelines for each part of the project
***The Five Steps of Evidence Based Practice***
STEP ONE: Ask a clinical question which may interest you in PICO format. For example, are there pharmacologic interventions that have been effective in decreasing allergy symptoms in children? OR In children, what is the effect of pharmacologic interventions on allergy symptoms?
My PICO is:
P-A patient who is obese with type 2 diabetes I-would benefit more from standard diabetic medical care teaching.
C- Rather than the quick fix of bariatric surgery O- in helping the patient manage their diabetes secondary to weight
*Be sure you include “compared to” in your clinical question using PICO.
STEP TWO: Conduct a literature search. Be sure to include also systematic reviews (e.g., the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews) and evidence-based practice guidelines ( in your search strategy.
STEP THREE: Review and Critically Appraise the evidence. Describe the problem and purpose of each research study. Describe the research methods, including process of data collection, sampling, and data analysis, for each research study What were the results of the study? Summarize the major findings and conclusions of each research study Critique the strengths and weaknesses of the research methods. The expectation is that you also cite your textbook, when describing research methods or criteria for evaluating research. Are the results valid? To answer this question, you need to critique the studies for validity-based on your critical appraisal of the literature, are the results valid? Are the findings clinically relevant to patient(s) identified? Do you believe this will work in practice?
STEP FOUR: Integrate evidence to implement a decision.
STEP FIVE: Evaluate the outcome. Students will not be evaluating the outcome in this assignment. This occurs in clinical practice.
The final research paper must be 5-7 pages in length, double-spaced, not counting the cover page and the reference pages. You must use at least 5 scholarly sources (current in the last 5 years) for your paper beyond the course textbook. Professional journal articles found in the Virtual Library will be key sources in researching your topic. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced and paraphrased; any quoted material must be placed in quotes, and must have accompanying APA style in-text citations.

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