This is the second week of your internship and your manager has tasked you with

This is the second week of your internship and your manager has tasked you with the following to submit in a 2-3-page report:
If the company wants to expand procurement internationally, what are the opportunities and challenges with expansion? Include a discussion on monitoring suppliers to abide by the human rights and labor guidelines and meeting environmental performance standards set by the company for their suppliers.
Your manager mentioned in a recent conference call with upper management, there was much discussion on a collaborative model of buyer-supplier relationships. Your organization does not currently involve suppliers during the product development. Your manager wants you to explore the implications of involving external suppliers during the product development.
Use what you learned from this week’s readings on purchasing policy and supply management integration. Perform additional research, as needed, to address all of the topics in your report.
1. All papers (short or long) should have an
abstract, and I will not include your abstract in the word count.
2. Please break your paper into clearly labelled
sections and sub-sections.
3. Please have an introduction clearly stating
the purpose, and let your arguments flow logically.
4. Please always have a conclusions section, even
if it is short sentences.
5. Please follow APA format for all referencing.
6. Please ensure that all figures and tables are
properly labelled and referenced.
7. While using references, please use refereed
journal articles. Websites and textbooks cannot be used on their own; they need
to be further supported by refereed journal articles.

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