This is a group project in one of my current classes. The group project is over

This is a group project in one of my current classes. The group project is over Team 3 which the details will be below. My responsibity is to complete Topic 2 which consists of number 5 and 6 which will also be below. Make sure to very carefully read the instructions and follow everything exactly the way the content shows. I put 3 sources required but it may require more.
The screenshots attached to this order will explain Team 3.
Topic 2 – #5+6 is the material I am responsible for which is based off of Team 3.
Here is the topics:
Topic 2:
Company is here to support Boeing in
Charleston and Lockheed Martin in Greenville, SC – Give details and facts
about Boeing and Lockheed Martin (Facility sqft, # of employees, production
numbers, products that are produced at these locations, etc.) Any facts deemed
important to an aerospace parts company looking to support Boeing and Lockheed
Martin. (APA 7th edition references)
Looking for Class A facility that’s a minimum
of 350,000 square feet up to 500,000 square feet- Figure out how much land
is needed to accommodate this size of a facility. Find a piece of land that
will accommodate this building size (think about parking too), and provide the
location and price (make sure it’s in a decent location, close to Boeing and
hwy 26 for traveling). Land in North Charleston would be a great option.
Recommend a commercial contractor to perform the construction. Review
contractor’s portfolio and make recommendations based on contractor’s success
with similar projects. (APA 7th edition references)
Once again, if you have any questions make sure to let me know.

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