This assignment asks that you write a research paper on “cultural appropriation

This assignment asks that you write a research paper on “cultural appropriation : cultural appreciation.”
You should identify two specific incidents where you think it represents cultural appropriation and the other is cultural appreciation.
Use the ideas you learned to discuss what is terribly wrong with what was done, or what was done sensitively, respectfully toward other culture.
You should look for at least two articles from Proquest and two from JSTOR to help you address the examples of your choice. You may find more.
In the introductory paragraph, define cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation and briefly give the backgrounds of the examples of that you have selected. You should also have a thesis, the last sentences, in your introductory paragraph. Your thesis should include the four ideas you want to discuss, two on cultural appropriation, and two on cultural appreciation, plus a personal comment. You should be able to find the themes at the bottom of this site:
The remaining parts of your essay is your chance to provide break down the example into four specific parts to discuss, using an example to explain two ideas about cultural appropriation, and the second example to explain two ideas about cultural appreciation. Do not stray from the topic and thesis; rather, conduct your discussion in such a way where it expands on your thesis. You should follow the topic paragraph structure we have worked on all semester: topic sentence, textual supports and commentaries.
As this is the major research paper, you should also have a Citation Page. The citation page must follow the MLA format and it should have at least seven citations, two of which must be from Proquest, and two from JSTOR. The other three are from sources of your choice.
Your essay should be between 8-10 pages. Given that one page is 250 words, your essay should be around 1500-2000 words. It should contain at least five references, and you should have a work cited page. The five references should come from the site where you get the list for your theme, and the four others from Proquest / JSTOR. Of course, you may have more.
You should also have a Works Cited page.
This assignment requires that you look at materials from the readings and integrate them into a cohesive essay. You should see how the essays we have read and videos you have looked at are related to the various themes on cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation. You have to fully develop the ideas into a cohesive essay that shows me what you have to say about cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation. Instead of abstract notions about the cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation, you have to use the ideas we have read thus far to do this assignment. It is imperative that you consider the ideas deeply.
It is important to show that as a result of having taken this class, you are able to write a topic paragraph differently. Within the structure we have been working on, you can still be extremely creative with the content; in fact, you are responsible to be creative with the content.
Please make sure you refer closely to the format of how to write the topic sentences, topic paragraphs, thesis statement, and thesis paragraph as you write your essay.
Introductory Paragraph:
Topic Paragraphs
Topic Sentence
Action Verb
Textual Support
Use quotes
Follow MLA Format
Make sure quotes are relevant to subject
Personal Opinion

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