The sentences below contain errors in terms of the seven Cs. That is, they may n

The sentences below contain errors in terms of the seven Cs. That is, they may not be clear, concise, concrete and specific, complete, courteous, coherent, or constructive. Find the errors and correct them. If you can, explain why the sentence is wrong, that’s even better.
She decided to evaluate the program, which would take five months.
The entrance exam was failed by two-thirds of the applicants.
we will re-evaluate our marketing strategy after the new chairman is hired.
There is a steady flow of people crossing back and forth across the road while the cars are waiting in lines up to 300 yards.
a fair percentage of the company’s tool-and-die stampers have developed mechanical problems.
if you can’t use the new ipod, please return it back to me.
Checkout procedures at the luxor hotel chain are especially designed for the businessman in a hurry.
in order to provide a mechanism by which customers may air their problems concerning product quality, the company has established the following procedure for registering grievances for all purchasers.
There was a traffic accident at bay and main streets yesterday.
Springfield, Ohio, is a small city.
Children under 42 inches tall cannot go on this ride.
many English majors are skilled at reading and writing; however, commerce majors enjoy impressive salaries after graduation.
your speech shouldn’t be too long.
The owner’s manual for your new Excelsior clock radio is enclosed herein to assist you in utilizing all the convenient and useful features of your new device.
The debate between the senator and his political opponent was about the merits of sweater vests.
we are pleased to inform you that we have selected you for an inter-view for the sales associate position.
alicia’s pet fish died yesterday. She went shopping.
unfortunately, your order of plastic marmot figurines cannot be delivered before august 14.
he distributed annual reports to the audience bound in red and green covers.
a new photocopier is needed by the employees in our office.
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