The second response paper should summarize and evaluate the arguments in an opin

The second response paper should summarize and evaluate the arguments in an opinion article published in one of the following sources since the start of the quarter (3/28/22):
Wall Street Journal
New York Times
Washington Post
Foreign Affairs
The following articles are sample articles that students may choose to analyze and evaluate:
Nigel Gould-Davies, We Must Make Sure Russia Finishes This War In A Worse Position Than Before, New York Times (May 12, 2022) (Links to an external site.)
Tom Stevenson, America and Its Allies Want to Bleed Russia. They Really Shouldn’t, New York Times (May 11, 2022) (Links to an external site.)
Henry Olsen, China Is Muscling Its Way Into Pacific Island Nations. The US Must Push Back, Washington Post (April 20, 2022) (Links to an external site.)
O’Grady, Mary Anastasia, Food Economics In One Argentine Lesson, Wall Street Journal (April 24, 2022) (Links to an external site.)
The article should be an opinion piece (or essay from Foreign Affairs), not a news or feature article that focuses primarily on the facts surrounding a particular event. The article should also relate to an issue of global politics that we have covered in this course– eg, global trade & finance, security, human rights, etc. The article must be international, involving more than one state, and should have been published sometime since March 28, 2022.
The papers should include a brief heading, with the following:
Student’s full name
Article title
Article publication (e.g., New York Times)
Article date
Article link (if accessed online)/ Image of the full article (if accessed in print)
This paper should be divided into two sections, with subheadings for each section. The first section should summarize the essay, and the second section should evaluate the argument that the writer makes. Below are some guidelines for each section:
Summary (400-600 words): What core argument(s) does the writer make, and what evidence does he use to support those argument(s)? What theoretical perspective does the writer express, and why do you think the writer uses this particular perspective?
Evaluation (400-600 words): Do you agree with the writer’s argument? Why or why not? In your evaluation, please explain why you support or criticize the writer’s theoretical approach to global politics, as presented in the essay.
The quality of your writing matters. It is very difficult to understand the ideas put forth in papers that are poorly organized or lack clarity. Give yourself plenty of time to organize your ideas and revise your paper so that you can catch typos.
Students do not need an introduction or conclusion for this assignment. Instead, please answer the questions posed for each section with 2-3 paragraphs per section. Paragraphs should begin with strong topic sentences that capture the main idea for the paragraph. Then, please present relevant details that support the main idea in the topic sentence.
Papers that do not meet the word limit guidelines may be penalized. Please note the word count for each section in your section headings.

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