The purpose of this assignment is to better understand different structures of t

The purpose of this assignment is to better understand different structures of the brain and how they contribute to
thought and behavior.
For this assignment, you will first identify a brain structure. You will get two planes of actual images (e.g., MRI; not
drawn/illustrated) of the brain structure and put this into a Word document. Then you will note what the brain area is,
what function(s) it serves, and what happens when it is damaged or absent. You will do this for a total of FIVE brain
structures. You can include the cranial nerves and the nuclei (e.g., suprachiasmatic nucleus) of a bigger structure
(hypothalamus). Summarize everything in your own words! Although the material is difficult, you should put
everything in your own words – except the structure names and anatomical vocabulary (e.g., superior/inferior).
This assignment should be about 4-10 pages depending on how you format stuff. Each brain structure should have at
least 2 paragraphs of information with it. “PVC is vision.” – may be enticing to write as the “function it serves,” but that
alone is under-informative and you’ll lose points.
Finding structures: Look up some whacky brain areas in your book (of chapters that are most relevant to you) or look at
my list of neurological disorders for ideas of brain areas that may be associated with interesting stuff.
Examples of structures: amygdala, substantia nigra, angular gyrus, temporal pole, straight gyri, parahippocampal gyrus,
vagus nerve, etc. This doesn’t mean you should just do your assignment on those. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Find structures
relevant to stuff you care about.
Neuro disorders to spur interest in particular structures:
 Broca’s aphasia
 Akinetopsia
 Cotard’s syndrome
 VM patients
 Capgras syndrome
 Split brain
 Korsakoff’s
 Tourette’s syndrome
 Semantic dementia
1. Name of structure
2. Pictures of brain structure
3. System(s)
4. Functions
5. Damage
 1” margins
 12 pt TNR font
 Double-spaced
 The pictures shouldn’t be too big. A few inches big. Not like half a page.
 All of this is in a Word document.
for the assignment I put 6 pages minimum. It is okay if it is a few more pages, but it cannoy be more than 10 pages. Thank you 🙂

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