The paper should be 2-2.5 pages. This paper is about the new product that I’m su

The paper should be 2-2.5 pages. This paper is about the new product that I’m supposed to create for YSL fashion company and the product is a new handbag. I will attach previous assignments about the YSL handbag that will help you write this paper, especially look into assignment #3.
I will attach two readings that will also be helpful, so you need to base some information in this paper of the readings like production and sourcing, and transportation and distribution. You can use outside sources, but make sure to cite them and still use info from the readings.
Discuss the following sections:
Strategy Formation
Warehousing and Reverse Logistics
Discuss your warehousing plan including where it will be located and your reasoning.
Will your company own the warehouse or partner with a 3rd party provider. Explain your reasoning. If selecting a 3rd party, select a specific company that you would work with.
Will you allow customers to return their products? If so, how will you deal with product returns?
Do you provide any after sales services for your products? Ex. Repairs, recycle programs, etc.
How will you manage any quality issues or complaints on your products?
Social Responsibility
What are the social responsibility or ethical implications of your product?
Is your product sustainable and/or how will you incorporate social responsibility?
Are there any legal responsibilities for your product as it pertains to ethics or the environment? (ex. labor laws, materials)

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