the instructions below is what the essay 4 is about, i also added a file of a li

the instructions below is what the essay 4 is about, i also added a file of a list that my professor expects to be checked off as she reads the essay. theres also a file of the topic I choose to have written about is transgender groups, all the sources are on the files, that I wish to be used
Assignment: Now that you have read and analyzed Plato’s Republic and Claude Steele’s Whistling Vivaldi:
Write an argument about a group of people who have had their pursuit of happiness limited by American society.
Explain how American society, in restricting this group, has violated the standards of a just society, either by ignoring or supporting the ideas in Plato’s The Republic.
And finally, describe the changes that would need to happen for this group to have a more equitable chance at happiness. Argue why your changes would work where others have failed.
Narrow Down the Topic: You should narrow down the term, “group of people” to a very specific group, maybe an unexpected group.
At least 2,500 words (about 8 complete pages)
2-4 pages describing how your group has had their access to happiness denied (through laws, stereotypes, traditions, or physical blockades, for example). This should be based on library research and possibly details from Steele’s Whistling Vivaldi.
1 page analyzing how this violates the SPECIFIC principles of a just society, according to Plato’s The Republic or in opposition to this text. You may also use the video about the Declaration of Independence here.
1-2 pages detailing how this group has attempted to eradicate this blockade in the past or how others have attempted to eradicate it on their behalf.
2-3 pages arguing for your new idea at overcoming the blockade and why it would work. You need to detail a specific set of changes. This should be based on your own research and possibly ideas from Steele’s Whistling Vivaldi.
A works cited page (page 9) with at least six reliable sources (including Steele and Plato) listed in MLA format
A thought-provoking thesis that argues that a particular group has had their access to happiness denied by the American society and that there is a solution.
A purposeful use of ethos, pathos, and logos.

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