the allocated company is coca cola Amatil 1: Introduction and Overview (Suggeste

the allocated company is coca cola Amatil
1: Introduction and Overview (Suggested length: 150 words)
Provide a brief introduction of your allocated company regarding:
• the industry of your company (for example, airline, energy, mining, real estate etc.);
• its brief history and where is it based;
• the products or services it provides; and
• a preview of what will be discussed.
2: Business and Management Structure (Suggested length: 250 words)
Describe the form of organisational structure of your company (such as line structure, matrix etc) and
provide evidence to support your description.
Outline the type of management style you believe has been adopted by your company (such as autocratic,
participative etc) and provide evidence to support your belief.
3: Human Resources (Suggested length: 250 words)
Explain key human resource challenges faced by your company. For instance, hiring of overseas skilled
workers instead of local workers, training staff of diverse backgrounds and staff retention, etc.
4: Marketing (Suggested length: 250 words)
Describe the main marketing strategies used by your company to promote their products or services.
Outline how these strategies have been successful (or not) against their major competitors. Consider using
the SWOT analysis to enhance your message.
5: Social Media (Suggested length: 250 words)
Discuss the social media platform being used by your allocated company and give the reasons for using
such social media platforms. Reasons can be (but not limited to) greater exposures of company profile,
public relations, and safety recall of products, etc. Provide evidence to support your discussion.
6: Conclusion (Suggested length: 100 words)
Sum up what was discussed in the report and comment on what was deduced from the gathered
information about the future outlook for your company. Ensure to tie the conclusion back to the introduction
and do NOT introduce any new ideas in the conclusion
all the infomation is in the attached files bellow as well as an example of how it should look
try and use harvard wsu style citation and bibliograpy
The report must be word processed in Arial font, 12 point with a line-spacing of 1.5
Avoid using Wikipedia as your references
citation guide
Harvard WesternSydU referencing guide

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