Step 4: Reflections – My Anthro Journey 55 unread replies.55 replies. Art, Relig

Step 4: Reflections – My Anthro Journey
55 unread replies.55 replies.
Art, Religion, and Culture
New Extended Due Date – Tuesday, May 31st
Culture is an integrated system (a system of interrelated parts) made up of many different features. Some of these universal features include art, religion, marriage, gender, politics, economics, and kinship. This is an important theme in anthropology. Both art and religion are symbolic, expressive realms that convey important cultural information and are often connected to (integrated with) many other parts of the cultural system.
This activity is an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about this characteristic of culture during the semester.
Activity: Select a contemporary indigenous group (living today) that we have studied this semester (any chapter or module) that was of particular interest to you. Do a broad internet search on that group to determine one major type of art form associated with them. (Examples: pottery, basket making, textile, painting, woodworking)
Please follow the guidelines below and answer the questions that follow in your reply:
Do NOT describe Navajo dry (sand) painting because it is used as the example.
Do NOT copy/paste or plagiarize information from a website or any other source.
Do NOT use paleolithic (ancient) art, artifacts or any example where researchers have no direct evidence for symbolic meaning.
NOTE: There must be enough information available to address each part of the prompt.
Prompt: Clearly address each of the following areas in 3 distinct sections: & be sure to include 3 examples of class material with citations.
1. What function (purpose) does the specific art form serve in the society you have selected?
2. What specific symbols (iconic images, colors, objects, actions) are commonly used and what specific meaning do they have?
3. Identify and describe how art is connected to 3 other parts of the cultural system in the example you chose.
Write 3 clear paragraphs , one for each specific part of the prompt.
Include within your response a grand total of 3 examples of class material in bold type from the text or modules, with definitions and supporting statements for context.
Cite the page number (Guest p. 18) or module lesson & page title (1.3 Guiding Principles)
Step 4 Checklist
1. Create Unit 4 Prompt Page(s)
Reply to each part of the prompt
2. Add to Curated Material page with sources that relate to Unit 4 material
Display items that relate to material in chapters 12, 13, and/or 15
Consider news stories, websites, books, articles
When providing a link, use the title of the source in the hyperlink. Example: How do I create a hyperlink? (Links to an external site.)
3. Update Reference Page for Unit 4 curated items
Cite sources and curated material using: How to cite a website using MLA format (Links to an external site.)
The website Citation Machine (Links to an external site.) can help with formatting

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