Self Concept: Your image of who you are… strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and l

Self Concept: Your image of who you are… strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and limitations.
Perceived Self: How you see “you.”
Presenting Self: How you present yourself to others.
Your SELF CONCEPT develops in many ways:
Looking-glass self: you gain information based on how people (significant others) behave/react toward you.
Social comparisons: compare yourself to peers, older siblings, etc.
Cultural teachings: parents, extended family, religious leaders…
You will speak about your PERCEIVED and PRESENTING selves.
You will create a poster board that will serve as a cheat sheet and visual aid to visually present, with words, pictures, or both, how you see yourself and how others see you.
Interview friends, family, and coworkers to find out how you present yourself to them.
Ask them for words that describe you with examples of why they think this word describes you.
Ex: “organized” because you always know where everything is in your room and you like to help others around you stay organized.
Put these 5-10 words on one side of your poster.
Brainstorm for words describing how you see yourself
Select examples that help illustrate the above words
Add these words to your Perceived Self side of your poster. You can include pictures to illustrate the traits you placed on the board.
Ex: The word “Studious” with a picture of books or the library. Then you might say “I take my studies seriously and am pursuing a degree in Nursing.”
One side = Perceived self Clearly marked/labeled in front of the ‘posterboard’.
The other side = Presenting self Clearly marked/labeled back of the ‘posterboard’.
Speak for one minute about each side of the poster.
Thirty-second grace period if you run over a bit.
Practice what you plan to say so you know if you need to add or delete information from the speech to meet the time requirement.
Show the 5 audience members either at the beginning AND end of the speech. Showing the audience does not fulfill part of the 2 minute time requirement.
The speech is 2 mins – 2:30 mins in length.
Biggest cheat sheet! Have the poster beside you so you can see it and I can see it. Then you can look at it to remind yourself of what you want to say.
Words on the poster need to be two inches high so they are visible.
Pictures (8×10)
Graphics (8×10)
Drawings (8×10)
All must be large enough to be seen from the back of the room.
This will be a formal presentation in the sense of time requirement, following directions, and respecting others.

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