Respond Part 1 Follow the prompts below to start developing a career goal. Your

Part 1
Follow the prompts below to start developing a career goal. Your goal can be related to the career field you are currently in, or to the career that you want to have in the future. Use the Writing SMART Goals website to help you write your goals. Then, answer the questions to determine if your goal is, in fact, S.M.A.R.T.
Career Goal:
Specific: What exactly will you accomplish? Be as specific as possible.
Measurable: How will you know when you have reached this goal?
Achievable: Can this really happen? Will you be able to realistically achieve this goal with effort and commitment? Do you have the resources you need to achieve this goal? If not, how will you get them?
Relevant: Why is this goal significant to your life? Why does it matter to you? Why is it important?
Timely: When will you achieve this goal?
2. Discovering Your Purpose: Strengths and Personality and learning more about your management style, identify three (3) jobs/careers that you believe would align well with your personality. Briefly explain why you feel as though your personality would be a good match for these jobs/careers.
Part 2
Instructions: Using your results from the What Sort of Leader Are You? assessment to answer the questions below.
Identify the leadership styles that are well developed, need further development, and need a lot of further development. Record your response below.
Well Developed:
Needs further development:
Needs a lot of further development:
Describe a specific situation where your preferred leadership style has helped you accomplish a task.
Describe a specific situation where your least preferred style could have helped you accomplish a task.
Explain the importance of adapting your leadership style based on the situation.
Think of someone in your personal or professional life that you would consider to be a great leader. This can be a coach, teacher, mentor, supervisor, family member, etc. Once you have identified this person, answer the following questions in the space below.
What are some of the character traits of that person? (Character traits are the aspects of a person’s behavior and attitudes that make up that person’s personality.)
What would you say were some of their strengths as a leader?
Did you feel as though they were an effective leader? Why or why not?
What leadership style would you say they are most in alignment with? Explain why.
Part 3
My Purpose Statement:
Using approximately 100 words, explain why you feel this is your purpose:

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