Refer to the Excel file named LAB 1 DATA to complete the following tasks. Please

Refer to the Excel file named LAB 1 DATA to complete the following tasks. Please copy and paste all the Excel outputs (or take clear screenshots) andyour explanations need to be included within this Word document right after each question. Make sure to use complete sentences when explaining your results. Your Excel outputs should be formatted and edited in an organized manner. Otherwise, it will significantly affect the grade. Please refer to the lab grading rubric for details.
Data Set: Heavenly Chocolate
Heavenly Chocolate manufactures and sells quality chocolate products at its plant and retail store located in Saratoga Springs, New York. Two years ago the company developed a website and began selling its products over the internet. Website sales have exceeded the company’s expectations, and management is now considering strategies to increase sales even further. To learn more about the website customers, a sample of 50 Heavenly Chocolate transactions was selected from the previous month’s sales, and the following data were recorded:
Description of the variables:
Customers: the control number of customers that were part of the sample
Day: the day of the week each transaction was made
Browser: the type of browser customers used
Time (min): the time in minutes spent on the website
Pages viewed: the number of website pages viewed per visit
Amount spent ($): the dollar amount spent per transaction
I have attached the instructions for the assignment to completed and data to be used

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