Read the following article and watch the short video. https://www.windowscentra

Read the following article and watch the short video.
Respond to the following 3 Questions:
What are some of the best improvements Microsoft has done with Windows 11 to enhance the User Experience?
Do you think the improvements have enhanced the experience, why or why not?
As a user do you feel the UX enhancements would improve your experience why or why not?
What is the worst experience in Windows 11?
Look at the new features, in your opinion what feature was the greatest improvement?
Action Items:
After reading Case Study 3, answer the questions above by replying to this post.
Comment on at least two of your classmates’ posts by clicking on Discussions and entering the appropriate forum.
activity is worth up to 3 points of extra credit: 2 points for writing a
post on the case study; 1 points for thoughtfully commenting on at
least two of your classmates’ posts. (You must comment on at least two
in order to get the one point. If you only comment on one classmate’s
post, you will not receive any points for this.)
Required Reading/Viewing
Chapters 8 and 11 in Don’t Make Me Think Revisited
Additional Materials
All online materials will open in a new window.
Usability Testing
This is a discussion assignment which means it requires a post and 2 replies. I have included an example of one done for a previous assignment.
The screenshot of another student’s post will serve as a guide AND one of the post to reply to!

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