Purpose: The purpose of this exercise read the attached article “Workforce of th

The purpose of this exercise read the attached article “Workforce of the Future: the competing forces shaping 2030.”
This is a creative note-taking assignment using 12-point font, Times New Roman, and Double-spaced. You will take notes on the article and organize the information., then you will address the following questions.
What is the future of work globally?
How can organizations be prepared for the future of work globally?
How do you think the future of work might change domestically and internationally?
Which future of work will you belong to?
What will the future of work look like in different counties? Select a country and assess the country’s needs, development, etc.
How will organization solve today’s problems with the future in mind?
What can organizations expect with future workforce trends?
What will be required as future workforce skills?
Explain workforce transformation.
Give recommendations and suggestions for the workforce of the future.
A Critical Thinking rubric will be used to grade this assignment. After doing your research, write well-written responses to the questions regarding business activities in Russia. An adequate response includes 2 – 3 paragraphs consisting of 5 – 7 sentences. Please refer to the uploaded document and include the question with the answer below each question.

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