Purpose of Lab: The purpose of this lab is to develop a clear and concise manual

Purpose of Lab: The purpose of this lab is to develop a clear and concise manual that could be used to help organizations assess and improve their level of cultural competency.
This project will require you to use information learned during class and from the book. Additionally, you will need to do some research and be creative.
Your final product will consist of a 7 page document (This should be submitted as a PDF).
First page: Title Page
Include the name of the manual (think of a creative name, but make sure the name is descriptive of the product)
Include your name
Include the date (month and year only)
Include any pictures that may be relevant
Name of the organization that you created the manual for (if applicable, see #4 below).
Page 2: Table of Contents
Page 3, 4, 5, and 6: This is where you will organize the information for how a company can strengthen/assess their cultural competency and how they can improve it. I would start with an introduction of what cultural competence is, and then work your way through what we learned this term and what you think would be valuable for a manual.
Page 7 (Final Page): Reference page in APA format. You need to include at least 6 references. One reference should include the book, at least 3 references should be from peer-reviewed articles, and the rest can be from other reputable resources.
You need to include in-text citations throughout your document. Whenever you include a fact, you need to cite that information. Failure to do so can result in plagiarism on your part. If you are struggling with this, please contact me or the library. Avoid direct quotes unless absolutely necessary. If you include a graph or picture of a theory etc.. make sure to include a citation right underneath it.
Be creative! This is a document that you want people to read. Make it exciting (i.e. add color/ pictures), but also keep it professional.
You can gear your manual toward a specific occupation or type of company (i.e. police officers in La Grande, Walmart, EOU staff, summer camp counselors,hospital staff, etc…) or you can create a manual that will work across many types of companies.
Remember, this is not a paper, this is a manual. That means people often like to see more bullet points and lists. You can use paragraphs, but I would use them sparingly. That being said; avoid excessive white space (some is good). If you are unsure if you have too much, I can check it over for you. Make it easy for people to read, and organize things in a clear way.
Please review the rubric for this project prior to beginning it, and then again at the end to make sure you have met all of the guidelines. The rubric is included at the end of this document.
Here are some examples that may give you some ideas on how to format your manual. However, both of these have some limitations to formatting so make sure you follow the guidelines above.
*Remember, utilize the information you have learned on creating plain language documents. Use pictures, tables, graphs, etc… Create something you would want to read.
8) Submit as a PDF so that your formatting does not get altered.

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