Provide specific details to support your assertions.

Use Eric Foner`s , Give me Liberty to answer the three questions . . In your essay respond to all parts of the question. Provide specific details to support your assertions. Should also be broken up into multiple paragraphs brief introduction , several body paragraphs and brief conclusion.
1) Compare and contrast the development of the first English colonies in North America during the 17th century, the Chesapeake region in and New England. Be sure to address the role of slavery in the settlers relationship with Native Americans in each region.
2) A variety of sort forces contributed to the outbreak of war between Great Britain Britain and her colonies in North America. What were some of those causes? How did it turn contribute to the outbreak of the revolution in 1775 to 1776 be sure to address economic political and ideal logical factors and answer.
3) African slaves were first brought to North America in 1619, and their status changed significantly over the next 150 years describe how life for the enslaved people change during the time of their first arrival to the end of the American revolution. Be sure to include specific details to support your answer.

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