Project Three – Strategies Practice – Notetaking and Summarizing Project 3: Stra

Project Three – Strategies Practice – Notetaking and Summarizing
Project 3: Strategies Practice for Teaching Students with High Incidence Disabilities
Summarizing and note-taking are two of the most powerful skills a student can cultivate. They provide the student with tools for identifying and understanding the most important aspects of what they are learning. The purpose of this assignment is to have teacher candidates read readings and research regarding teaching note-taking skills for special education students and share which techniques they would use to teach these strategies to students. (Students with high incidence disabilities include: speech/language disorders, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, emotional disturbance, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.). Note-taking formats may include Mind Map, Web, T-Note, KIM, Cornell Method, Combination Notes, etc.
This is a 4 part paper – Introduce the type of students for your focus on the strategies including their disabilities and the class for which you would be teaching the notetaking and summarizing, discuss and describe two notetaking strategies you would teach the students, discuss and describe two summarizing strategies you would teach the students, and write a conclusion that supports the importance of why teachers should teach these strategies to struggling students.
Notetaking Articles
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From your textbook – p. 267-271
The Teacher’s Pocket Guide for Positive Behavior Support
Targeted Classroom Solutions
by Timothy Knoster; Robin Drogan
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From your textbook – p. 320 – 323

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