Project 5 – Designing an Inclusive Classroom – Narrated PowerPoint Project 5: D

Project 5 – Designing an Inclusive Classroom – Narrated PowerPoint
Project 5: Designing the Inclusive Classroom: Narrated PowerPoint
Positive behavior and academic growth can be strongly affected by the design and management of the classroom.
In this project, you will produce a short (10 Slides) Narrated PowerPoint that will highlight elements of classroom design intended to promote pro-social behavior, the development of classroom community, materials and equipment that can facilitate learning for all learners, and elements of classroom design that responds to the developmental and academic needs of learners in an inclusive classroom.
The PowerPoint will take the viewer on a virtual tour of your classroom. The PowerPoint will be posted to a Discussion Board.
Think of this as the perfect co-teaching, inclusive classroom if money was no object – share your vision and provide your thinking and reasoning for all of your choices.
Your presentation should include:
Introductory slide for the presentation
Description of the special education population for whom this inclusive classroom is designed included the grade/subject area if appropriate
How is the classroom room physically arranged
What materials/equipment are needed to make this classroom inclusive for your selected group
How will you encourage an atmosphere of collaboration and a learning community
How will you meet the needs of all of the students in this inclusive setting
Finish with a concluding slide that summarizes and shares the highlights of your created classroom and vision

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