Please use the attached template to fullfill the requirements. Guidance is provi

Please use the attached template to fullfill the requirements. Guidance is provided in red type for each subheading. My chosen topic details are as follows:
topic AND description: As the IT Manager for Summit Corporation, it has been
noted that the call center is having difficulty retaining a quality workforce
in the current economic environment. One of the primary complaints is that call
center agents are not able to telework like other departments in the agency.
Call center agents are more likely than other departments to ask for transfer
or leave the organization entirely causing a workforce shortage, increased
customer wait time, and a lag in personal property moves. We need a SaaS cloud solution to allow employees to work remotely.
purpose and goals: This project will increase employment retention and
satisfaction allowing for greater flexibility in the workforce. It will also
greatly reduce the call center telephone budget.
why the problem and technological solution you have proposed are worthy of
study: This project is an ongoing problem stemming from the Covid 19 pandemic
when corporations were asked to reduce their manpower in the office. Many businesses
have evolved over the past two years to accommodate the desire to work from. We
must create these possibilities to remain viable as a service provider in the
transportation industry. A SaaS solution using AWS will give employees more flexability for telework and remote work.
outcomes and deliverables: This SaaS IT solution will alleviate the need for our
agents to be in the office. It will increase instances of telework, improve the
quality of our call metrics, and save a considerable amount of money in
comparison to the current system in place.

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