Please Respond to the following: he CDC study has linked an increased risk for f

Please Respond to the following:
he CDC study has linked an increased risk for falls among adults age 65+ and antidepressants. The study found that high doses of citalopram and escitalopram can be related to recurrent falls. That sertraline although has a 28.7% risk for falls is the safer choice of SSRIs.
For every patient that enters the ER, we screen for fall risk. In the fall risk assessment if a patient is taking psychotropics, benzodiazepines, opiates, or anticonvulsants it adds a certain number to the fall risk score. If the patient takes 1-2 of those medications, they get a score of 3, if they take 3-4 they get a score of 5. Based on the overall score determines their risk for falls. We decide the most appropriate safety interventions based on the score. Based on the CDC study then we should add SSRIs to the fall risk assessment.
If a patient were to start an SSRI the nursing staff would have to monitor the patient for falls, notify physical therapy if there is a change in balance or ambulation as well as notify the physician and or psychiatric team members to coordinate medication management. More so if the prescribing physician is going to increase the SSRI dosage.
I don’t see any ethical issues. Treatment would come down to risk versus a benefit from patient to patient. If anything the patients can benefit from increased screening.
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