***Please include where all information is found in reference section*** 1) Name

***Please include where all information is found in reference section***
1) Name three reasons a safety program is of critical importance to a forensic laboratory. (3 points)
2) You have been tasked with the purchase, supply, and/or installation of safety features for a new forensic biology laboratory. List five items you would include in your plans and discuss the importance of each in ensuring a safe environment for the laboratory personnel. (5 points)
3) Following your work on the new forensic biology lab, you were promoted to the laboratory’s Safety Manager position. List five responsibilities you’d have in your new role and discuss how each would ensure the laboratory was providing critical safeguards for their personnel. (5 points)
4) The separation of some areas within a forensic laboratory are important to consider when designing the lab’s layout. List two forensic disciplines for which the separation of laboratory space might be considered based on the testing they provide. Also, discuss why this separation would be important. (2 points)
5) Your forensic toxicology laboratory conducts drug testing on blood samples for the presence of alprazolam. What storage and handling requirements would be important for your laboratory to consider for blood samples? (2 points)
6) Define and provide examples for the following: (3 points)
a) Engineering Controls
b) Chemical Hygiene Plan (for an example, provide a direct link to a forensic lab’s CHP)
c) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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