Part I: Pretend you are presenting to a diverse group of Human Services Professi

Part I: Pretend you are presenting to a diverse group of Human Services Professionals. The title of the workshop is “Communicating Effectively and Understanding and Valuing Differences 101.” For your presentation, you are going to identify a cultural population that may receive intervention services from a Human Services Professional.
Develop a 12-slide PowerPoint Presentation in which you do the following:
Identify the population and provide a description of it.
Discuss cultural elements associated with this identified group and communication dynamics.
What cultural considerations should be understood by Human Services Professionals, regardless of specialty, when communicating with this group?
What specific strategies should Human Services Professionals employ to ensure effective service delivery?
Provide any additional research-specific topics related to effective and efficient communication with diverse group (with the identified population or in general) that is applicable to Human Services practice.
Cite at least two sources using a reference slide.
Part II: Write a one-page reflective memo to your supervisor reflecting on your experience with completing this PowerPoint presentation. Include in your memo the importance of continuous dialogue relative to cultural considerations with diverse groups and how it can benefit the Rasmussen Help Center, LLC. Be sure to use a professional tone in your written correspondence.

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