Part 3: Choose ONE of the following questions and write an essay. 1. Augustine i

Part 3: Choose ONE of the following questions and write an essay.
1. Augustine is critical of Rome and its corruption, describing it as the type of the “city
of man,” destined for damnation. Yet he also praises Roman virtue, even
recommending to Christians in the “city of God” that they imitate it in some respects.
Discuss what Augustine admires and what he criticizes in Rome, and explain what is
learned from Rome about the City of God.
2. Beginning in book XI, Augustine discusses what is sometimes called “sacred
history,” the Biblical account of human life from creation through the promised
apocalypse or second coming of Christ. Drawing on the passages assigned, sketch
Augustine’s account of the City of God from the beginning to the end of time and
explain how it has been and is intertwined with the city of man.
3. Although Augustine has many disparaging words for most pagan philosophers, he
makes clear his admiration for Plato and his various students and followers. Discuss
why Augustine thinks Plato is the best of the philosophers, what he thinks is true in
Plato’s philosophy, and how and why he thinks Plato falls short of perfect truth.
Though most of Augustine’s discussion of Plato concerns first principles, consider
their political differences as well.
Part 4: Choose TWO of the following topics and write an essay on each,
comparing and contrasting the two authors on the subject indicated. Be specific in referring
to your authors’ texts, and do not repeat what you wrote in your term paper or on the essay in
part three.
1. Thucydides and Plato on Athens
2. Thucydides and Aristotle on democracy and oligarchy
3. Thucydides and Augustine on empire
4. Plato and Aristotle on the best regime
5. Plato and More on the best regime
6. Aristotle and Augustine on virtue
My term paper is attached for part 4.

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