PAPER INSTRUCTIONS For the final paper there are two options to write about: 1.

For the final paper there are two options to write about:
1. Do a comprehensive report on one of the following international organizations or agreements:
International Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Union, NAFTA, World Trade Organization. Must be comprehensive and cover current issues and operations.
2. Do a comprehensive country report on one of the following countries:
Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Uruguay, Japan, China, Korea, Australia.
The paper should have a number of sources for information on history and current situation especially its role and impact in the current global economy.
Use APA as your style guide for the paper.
TEXTBOOK USED FOR COURSE (for reference if needed)
Global Business Today, 12th edition, Charles W.L. Hill, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2022. ISBN: 9781264209637
COURSE DESCRIPTION (for extra clarification)
Globalization is perhaps the most important single issue in business today. What does the term ”globalization” mean? Is globalization beneficial to the world in general or to specific countries? Has globalization been the cause of the current global financial crisis? Any time the WTO (or any other global institution) meets, large scale protest demonstrations take place. We have seen multiple organizations and trade agreements created with the aim of promoting free trade in the world What is the ultimate effect of free trade and open markets? Who benefits? Who suffers? In this class we shall endeavor to find the answers. We will spend considerable time reading and listening to the opinions of others who are knowledgeable enough to give considered opinions. We will spend much time discussing the issues and studying the structures created to provide order to world trade. We will consider and then offer our opinions. Each student in the class will hopefully find their own answers to these complex questions.

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