Overview Word Limit Percentage Due Date Submission 2000 words (plus or minus 200

Word Limit Percentage Due Date Submission
2000 words (plus or minus 200 words) Headings, tables and references are not included 40% Sunday, June 12th 2022 at midnight Turnitin via Blackboard
Learning Outcomes
As execution of assessment 1
• LO2 – evaluate the impact of disruptive innovation to plan, develop and implement strategies for competitive advantage.
• LO3 – propose and predict, by applying theory, the impacts that emerging technologies will have on different industries and understand and define how best to respond to the challenges and opportunities that disruption offers.
• LO4 – discuss the legal, social, ethical, cultural, human, and security implications of key emerging technologies within enterprises.
Through the weekly content, we have looked at several digital disruptions, such as Apple’s iPhone, Uber’s ride-share app, and Facebook’s online social media platform. We have analysed each of these cases by applying different theories to understand their influence on aspects of business. It is time now for you to do the same with your selected business.
In this assessment, you are required to present a business case and further analyse and evaluate the digital disruption it has initiated. You must use the topic you selected in Assessment 1. You are not able to change your topic.
In addition to the basic sections as outlined for Assignment 2, your report should contain the following four main sections in addition to others that you may create:
1. Business background
Explain the background of the selected business clearly and comprehensively, investigating who they are, what services they provide, what is their market or target, what are they competitive advantages and how they provide those services. You may also discuss, using theory, why the services have likely emerged successfully and accepted by the market.
2. Digital disruption analysis (Impact of the emerging technology)
Provide your deep analysis of the impacts of the emerging technology which disrupts the current industries by applying the theory comprehensively. You may also predict the potential digital disruption in future. Explain how the digital disruption innovation can engage with existing market or even create a new market and how the company markets their value to their consumers. Define how best to respond to the challenges and opportunities that disruption offers.
3. Implications
Discuss the legal, social, ethical, cultural, and security implications that the digital disruption has caused or will cause in the future.
4. References
You will need to use between 10 and 15 different references to support your arguments. Make sure you cite your work with key references that will support all arguments you make. Harvard Referencing should be the referencing style used.
Marking Criteria
You should refer to the rubric available on BB for the marking criteria as this is how marks will be awarded.
Submission Format
You will be required to submit your literature review in as a Word document via Turnitin on Blackboard. Your document should be named as: Lastname_FirstIinitial_Assessment3.doc (or docx). For example, my submission would be named Mason_R_Assessment3.doc or Mason_R_Assessment3.docx. Check your similarity score. High scores will be investigated for Academic Integrity. You can submit your assignment three times within a 24-hour period to check your score, but only once after the deadline has passed.
More Information
If you need more information about completing this assignment, then you should post your questions on the Discussion Board and attend the weekly Collaborate Ultra sessions.
Original Work
Your assignment must be your original work. Assignments form a major part of course work. Exchange of ideas with other people can be considered educationally valuable; however, excessive collaboration will be regarded as collusion or plagiarism, which is a University offence. For example, the copying of significant parts of a document, even if subsequently modified, is plagiarism. Such academic dishonesty will be penalised in accordance with the University’s rules and regulations.
You must not copy material from books, magazines, internet sources or other students’ assignments. Of course, you may include direct quotes from any source, but these must be small (e.g. one sentence or one paragraph) and must be properly referenced, using the Harvard Referencing Style. The value and relevance of including materials from another source must be fully explained. If plagiarism is found in your assignment, you may receive zero marks for this assignment.
The assessment process may require some students to attend an interview in order to explain aspects of their assignment.

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