North America was long considered a new world, unbound by the class distinctions

North America was long considered a new world, unbound by the class distinctions that marked the European old world . Such thinking has a long history. Thomas Jefferson once said that America had “no paupers.” Benjamin Franklin believed that the U.S. would flatten classes into a “happy mediocrity.”
In this exercise you will write an essay in which you apply your knowledge of work, the economy, and society in Early America (1600 to 1830) to argue for or against the following statement:
America was a land of equal opportunity from the beginning. With enough hard work and initiative, most people could rise beyond their station at birth in Early America (1600 to 1830).
Based in evidence from your reading, write an essay that supports or refutes this statement. Your analysis should consider all regions, genders, and races. Remember to have a strong thesis statement that clearly states your position.
While it’s fine to use outside sources, the bulk of the essay should be based in the assigned reading from the text book, primary source and assigned essay. Include a full bibliography.
Your paper must reference its sources and it should be about 4 pages long, if double-spaced and in 12 point font. This is roughly 1,300 words and should not count any title page, bibliography, or restatement of the question. It’s fine to use parenthetical sources, such as (Rees / Pollack, 26-29), for our assigned reading. Please include full citations in the bibliography. APA style
Murolo and Chitty, Chapters 1 and 2;
Interview with Ira Berlin, historian, on Race, The Power of an Illusion,
Text: From the Folks Who Brought You The Weeken by Priscilla Murolo & A.B. Chitty 2018
Primary Source:

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