My master’s program is in Public Administration – Non-Profit Management. The ins

My master’s program is in Public Administration – Non-Profit
Management. The instructions, rubric, textbook readings, presentations, and
other required documents are attached. The
name of this course is PPOG626: State and Local Leadership. Please be sure to read
all the documents in their entirety, and be sure to use the required course
material in this assignment.
INSTRUCTIONS *** Please note that the Position Paper (Order 3815083) must be included in this final paper.
In this paper, you will finalize the discussion of intergovernmental management, intergovernmental relations, and collaborative public administration across local governments or between local and state governments. You will present the information already discussed and then apply them to a specific example. The example should demonstrate the understanding of intergovernmental management, intergovernmental relations, collaborative public administration, and the skills needed by public administrators to manage collaboration across local governments or between local and state governments. This application should clearly outline the understanding of the levels of government and how effective public administration statesmanship engages in crucial organizational communication best practices during this collaborative process. Additionally, be sure to define, discuss, and outline 10 leadership traits that a leader in this position should possess. Finally, as this is a position paper, the discussion must take a position on the most important trait for a leader in a collaborative environment to possess. Why is this the most important trait? And, how does this example demonstrate or not this leadership trait?
• Headings are to be included and conform to the content categories mentioned above. Use sections and section titles.
• All ideas shared by the student must be supported with sound reason and citations from the required readings, presentations, and additional research.
• Integrate Biblical principles within the analysis of the paper not at the end of the paper. Concentrate on an overarching concept with a scripture reference rather than one verse that may be out of context. For example, think what the government should or should not be able to do in this situation per the Biblical worldview.
• The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages of content in length (not counting the title page or references), double-spaced, and in APA format.
• All required readings and presentations from the assigned module must be cited.
• 10-12 additional scholarly sources must be used. These may include journal articles, other textbooks, and a current news source for the example.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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