Literature Review (Due 18 June 2022) Topic: Money laundering investigation: The

Literature Review (Due 18 June 2022)
Topic: Money laundering investigation: The case of Namibia
• Indicative weighting, 6,000 words
• Evaluation of existing body of knowledge on topic
• Theoretical framework (if applicable)
• Critically analyse, compare and contrast resources
• Research questions or objectives
• Atleast 25 or more resources
• Harvard referencing
Possible Literature review headings (These are just suggestions)
• Introduction (Set the stage)
• Body
– Ability to recognise and prevent Money Laundering problems
– Challenges faced in investigating Money Laundering
– International perspective (Show that the problem is worldwide)
– Namibian perspective (Bring the problem home to Namibia)
• Conclusion
• Research questions or objectives
Possible Objectives
• To examine the various measures taken by FIC against money laundering
• To determine how laws have contributed to the fight against money laundering in Namibia ( E.G What each regulation is about and the money involved)
Key Words
Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC)
Money Laundering
Anti-Money Laundering Investigation
Literature Review (Marking)
Did the dissertation establish an appropriate framework of literature to provide an academic basis to the empirical investigation? In particular, was there a comprehensive, masterly and critical investigation of the relevant literature and/or bodies of knowledge?
Not part of the literature review, however the study will be based on Secondary Data from the following source:
– Basel AML index scores and rankings
– Transparency International
– The world bank
– The world economy forum
– FIC monthly statistical reports
– FIC Annual reports

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