Learning Goals: The final project paper is directly linked to all three of the s

Learning Goals: The final project paper is directly linked to all three of the student learning outcomes for this course. It will allow you to demonstrate familiarity with research and thought in the field of small group communication.
Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will analyze and report on the communication skills needed to managing conflict and tension in the small group
Student will explain and analyze the differences between a “me” orientation and a “we” orientation to problem
Students will recognize and describe roles necessary for task performance and team maintenance, including the role of leader.
Book: Revel Communicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices, 12e by Steven Beebe, John Masterson.
Instructions: For this paper, please think about an a small group you are currently in or where a member of in the recent past (work group, school group, religious group, etc…) You will analyze this group by focusing on communication theories, concepts, and skills we have learned about throughout the semester.
You will be analyzing a small group/team that you’re currently a member in or have been in the recent past. You will describe and analyze the group/team by utilizing what you have learned this semester. Below, you will find a step by step prompt for the paper.
In your paper, you will:
1. describe a group/team you are a member currently or in the recent past
2. whether this was a “primary” or “secondary” group and why
3. why you joined the group
4. explain if the group/team was functional or not and why
4. choose one chapter from our textbook and analyze the group in relation to the identified concepts from the chosen chapter. You do not need to address every concept from the chapter but have to have a minimum of 3 ideas/theories/concepts. In addition, you will need to have one supplementary source as well (article, book, etc…) other than your textbook.
You will also need to cite one library source for this paper. Your book should be used for the majority of the paper, but at least one library source is also required (such as a book or journal article). Make sure you cite your library source at the end of your paper (bibliography) and within the paper (in-text or parenthetical citation) in MLA or APA format.
Your final project paper should be 4 pages, typed, double-spaced, size 12 font, with one inch margins all around, and in essay format. DO NOT just list answers (it should be in essay format).

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