It is specific to the use of blockchain in supply chains.

Building a Transparent Supply Chain
The Blockchain article, associated with this assignment, expressed obviously biased views of how the digital record-keeping technology is going to solve all the supply chain issues that must deal with the information, inventory, and financial flows within the transactions between supply chain partners. However, sometimes things sound better than they really might be. Throughout my reading of this article, I highlighted several instances of where there were quotes defining why and how, according to the author, Blockchain was going to revolutionize the state-of-the-art ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems associated with producers of goods and services that heavily depend on in efficient supply chains. In my opinion, the article feels that by adopting this technology within your ERP system that all problems will be solved, eliminated, or reduced.
Assignment: The word Blockchain was mentioned 97 times in the article. First, describe in your own words what the definition of Blockchain is based on this article. It is specific to the use of Blockchain in supply chains. Second, choose two of the references in the article where Blockchain is used and further explain what that means based on the context of the article. For example, “…blockchain provides a complete, trustworthy, and tamperproof audit trail of the three categories of activities in the supply chain.”_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________”””
2) Supply Chain Management
This case focuses on the supply chain strategy of Inc. It provides a detailed descriiption of the company’s supply chain network and capabilities. Data that is populated at the end of the case (starting on page 9) will enable you to compare Amazon’s source of competitiveness with that of traditional retailers and to develop insights into the management of a large, complex global supply chain network. An understanding of the supply chain challenges faced by Amazon will be realized in the context of supporting its corporate strategy and growth objectives.
Assignment questions: Please fully respond to both questions in a graduate level manner to the in the Discussion board.
Review Amazon’s supply chain. How is it different from that of the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers such as Walmart and Target? Refer to the sections of the article that mentions e-commerce, inventories on the balance sheet, and the delivery channels used by Amazon to respond to the question appropriately.
What are the three challenges Amazon faces, and what are the implications for its supply chain? Hint(s): The first one has to do with its three business segments (Ex. 2); second is fulfillment (exhibits 7 & 8); third is returns and the applicable cost associated with it.

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