Introduction: Analysis of community acquired pneumonia (Causes, symptoms, motive

Introduction: Analysis of community acquired pneumonia (Causes, symptoms, motive trans mission, complications, treatment) to include demographic breakdown that includes age gender race or other at risk indicators. Data per demographics should include mortality, morbidity, incidence and prevalence.
Determinants of health: Define identify and synthesize the determinants of health as related to the development of the infection. Utilize HP 2020.
Epidemiological triad: Identify and describe all elements of the epidemiological triad: Host factors, agent factors (presence or absence), and environmental factors. Utilize the demographic breakdown to the further describe the triad.
Role of the NP. Succinctly identify the role of the nurse practitioner according to a national nurse practitioner organization (National board of nursing or AANP for example) and synthesize the role to the management of infectious diseases (surveillance primary secondary tertiary interventions reporting data collection data analysis and follow up). This includes the integration of a model of practice which supports the implementation of an evidence base practice.
Submission Requirements
Title page, running head, body of paper and reference page must follow APA guidelines as found in the current edition of the manual. This includes the use of headings for each section of the paper except for the introduction were no heading is used.

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