Indian Policy in the Late 1800’s

The task is to create a discussion post over a few chapters in History. There are 4 discussion posts and answers are about 500 rods or so, as long as they give 5 examples to the 5 answers given
the instructions are in each question.
#1 If you were the only person in charge of Indian Policy in the Late 1800’s, list and explain or illustrate at least 5 things you would have done differently in terms of dealing with or improving the treatment of the Great Plains Indians.
#2 Having listened to Lecture and read about the many problems of the Farmer in the late 1800’s please pick the five you think were most important and rank them from the lowest to the highest. What you think would be the most difficult problems to solve and briefly explain or illustrate why you made each choice.
#3 Having read and listened to the Lectures about the “New South”, choose the one of the two major Black leaders of the period you believe had the best solutions for their fellow citizens? Give at least 5 major reasons and explain or illustrate why you think your choice is correct and the other was not.
#4 What do you think was similar about “Gilded Age America” in comparison to “Contemporary America” today and what do you think is very different? Give 5 major examples and explain or illustrate.
these are the 4 questions. very simple, just do not have time to answer them tonight before they are due.
it doesnt matter the word count as long as you can give 5 different examples and speak on them

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