In your selected scenario, review the comments made by the boss about the employ

In your selected scenario, review
the comments made by the boss about the employee’s performance.
Create a list of the employee’s
strengths and areas of weaknesses.
Write an essay at least 750 words
in length about how the employee in your scenario can continue to grow and
develop as a professional. Make sure to address the following prompts:
Indicate which scenario you
chose as the basis of your essay.
List and briefly explain the
employee’s major areas of strength and weakness.
Create a plan for the employee
to improve upon areas of weakness and capitalize upon their
strengths. In this plan, make sure
to include specific goals the employee can use to determine whether they
are making progress.
whether there might be another job within their chosen field that is a better
fit for this employee
Human Services
Hello ______, thank you for coming in and taking the time to meet with me
Employee: You
are welcome. Thank you for taking the
time to complete my annual review and provide me with feedback.
Boss: My
pleasure. This is all part of the job,
seeing what your strengths are and where you need to improve so that you can be
the best employee possible.
That makes a lot of sense.
Boss: Why
don’t you come into the office and take a seat.
In case you don’t remember from last year, we are going to start off
looking at what your goals were from last year and you can share what you have
done to meet those goals. Next, I will share what your strengths are and where
I think you still need to improve.
Lastly, we can set goals for the upcoming year. Do you feel comfortable with this?
This sounds great. Here is the list of
actions and projects I have completed to work towards and meet the goals I set
last year.
This looks impressive. It seems like you
took my suggestions from last year to heart and made an effort to improve where
possible. That is what I like to see!
Yes, I am looking forward to hearing what your new feedback is so I can
continue to grow.
Great, well let’s get started.
Boss: First,
I wanted to thank you for being on time for work this week and throughout much
of the year. Our clients look forward to routines and stability so someone not
being here in the morning could throw off their day.
agree! It is really important to me that
our clients have the best experience possible and that they trust us. Little things like being here to greet them
on time really go a long way!
Boss: I
also noticed that you were very empathetic and caring when conducting the
intake interview for Thursday’s grief recovery patient. Nice job.
It didn’t go unnoticed by me or by the client. Our clients really need
someone to understand them and it seems as if you do.
Thank you. That is why I got into this
field. I feel as if I can listen to the clients and have empathy when they
voice their concerns. I want to be there
for people when they need it most.
That is why we hired you. One concern
that many of our clients have is with their budgeting and being able to create
a personal budget that is reasonable and sensible for their income and their
needs. I know you started to help a few people with this, but you need to
follow through with this work until it is completed. Several of our clients don’t have necessary financial
literacy skills yet and depend on us to help them with these issues before they
make major money mistakes.
Employee: I
apologize. I prioritized other tasks and
skills with these clients without appreciating the importance of finishing
their budget. I will make this a
priority moving forward.
Thank you for understanding. After sitting in on a few of your group sessions I
noticed that you have been improving your ability to help clients with their
anger management issues. It is very
impressive. I have witnessed a dramatic change in quite a few clients’
Yes, I feel like anger management is a concern that could impact many different
areas of our clients’ lives, so it has been a major focus of mine.
Boss: I
completely agree with your assessment of its importance and that focus really
shows. Lastly, one area where I would like to see you practice and
continue to improve your skills is in working with clients with physical
disabilities and promoting their independence.
For instance, I have noticed that at times you jump in and do things for
these clients, instead of helping them to find ways to maintain and grow their
independence and do a task for themselves.
That makes sense. If I always do the
work for the clients, they won’t learn. I can step back a bit. I think it’s in my nature to jump in and
help, but the most helpful thing to do here is take a step back.
Thank you for being receptive to the feedback that I have given you. What I
need from you now is a short list of specific goals you plan to work on for
next year. If you have any questions
about that or about anything else, we have discussed, please let me know.
Employee: At
the moment I think I am good. I am sure
I will have a question or two after I look over your feedback in detail. I will get you the list of goals ASAP. Thanks
again for your time.
You’re welcome.

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