In the assignments, you will begin by choosing a personal health care product. I

In the assignments, you will begin by choosing a personal health care
product. It can be a shampoo, cleanser, mouthwash, deodorant, shaving
cream or any item that is applied to oneself for the purpose of improving
one’s appearance. Please pick a specific item with a specific brand
name associated with an international company. Once you have chosen
that item, all three of your assignments (abstract, essay, and PowerPoint
presentation) will focus on that one item you have chosen. So choose a
personal health care item that will hold your interest throughout all the
Abstract 150 WORDS
Once you have chosen a personal health care product, write a 150 word
abstract on the product, that is, a brief introduction. The abstract should
cover its importance for improving health and/or appearance. You
should also identify the active ingredients of the product, and discuss the
products domestic and international marketing efforts and successes.
You will write at least a 500 word essay focusing on the active ingredients of
the product. In the essay, discuss the chemistry behind how the active
ingredients work. Discuss their manufacture and/or their procurement.
Discuss any difficulties or challenges in the inclusion of the active
ingredients during the formulation of the product, as well as any long-
term chemical stability problems.
It should be full of figures and graphs. Discuss the complete product – the total formulation, all the ingredients along with the active ingredients. Discuss the domestic and international marketing of the product. Discuss the impact the product has had on society.

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