I need to compare the cartoon with the contents of the essay. Length: 3 page mi

I need to compare the cartoon with the contents of the essay.
Length: 3 page minimum
For the third essay, we are moving into a more complicated essay structure and continuing on with improving overall sentence structure. “Rambos of the Road” is an essay on p. 4 in SIC, and before it on pp. 2-3 are two cartoons. You are choosing one cartoon to compare with the essay.
So, first, you need to read the essay, and figure out the ideas in “Rambo,” brainstorming as you go. Is Gottfried nuts? Is he right? How right? How wrong? Is he totally exaggerated because he’s a comic? Have ideas/stereotypes/behaviors changed in the last 20 years in the U.S. since he published his essay?
Then you need to go into your own head: what do you see around you? In your family? In popular culture? How do women and men act? Dress? Drive? Behave? How do people handle frustration? How much anger or emotion do women/some women, men/some men spend on activities? Do stereotypes exist? Are they accurate?
Then, come up with a thesis. Remember that the thesis is about an issue, and there should be no personal pronouns in it. It is already clear that the idea is yours; you wrote it. You’re looking for language in the thesis that shows relationship/comparison: similar to, different from, more than, less than, stemming from, better than, etc. So, for example, a thesis could sound something like the following: Aggression is common in American culture. Inner anger is different from outer violence. Or the opposite: Inner anger is the same as (or is part of) outer violence. Or how about this: Violence is learned and practiced. American culture teaches more violence/aggression/anger/disgust.

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