Reply to the below in well-written Essay form paragraphs. You can use external examples to help the understanding of the issues in the case. Remember to analyze concepts of Supply Chain Management well, and provide support of data wherever possible. The total length of the assignment should be between 1000-1500 words.
First, give a brief review of the case
Then reply to the following questions (in essay format)
Identify the upstream and downstream activities of DPS Skis, and share why they are important to procurement practices for the company
What kinds of supply chain risks are being discussed, and why should procurement managers consider them in their business practices?
What are the steps that procurement managers should take to mitigate the risks being identified?
What are some of the transportation, distribution and logistics challenges for companies in the case?
How can incoterms help the companies in the case study?
What key metrics of supply performance can be analyzed to understand the best practices of supplier relationships?
How can the buying firms minimize the problem areas connected with global buying? Which do you feel are the most serious?
In your opinion, where is inflation headed? Why does that matter to procurement professionals?
What are some of the inventory challenges and concepts that can be shared to help the procurement managers in these companies?
Should have a Conclusion as well.

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