Hello I would like to achieve a 20 pager including correct referencing about: En

Hello I would like to achieve a 20 pager including correct referencing about: Enterprise Continuum, IT Capabilities, IT Competencies, IT Resources and how they link. Chapter 1. – Introduction Chapter 2. – Theoretical Model Chapter 3. – Research Method Chapter 4. – Conceptual Model Chapter 5. – Result & Analysis Chapter 6. – Conclusion, Discussion & Future research In consuming the literature, it helps to follow a process of read-think-interpret. Not all literature, or all sections of a particular piece of reading material, will be relevant. Therefore, you need to read, think about the relevance, and interpret the literature based on your assessment of the relevance. In following a process of read-think-interpret, the following questions can guide you: – What is the reading’s core contribution with respect to the contemporary practice in your field of inquiry? – How does it relate to other articles and practices? – Does it espouse a theoretical or methodological perspective that is useful to study particular phenomena? And why would this be the case? Use inclusion and exclusion criteria for the start set of papers and for the snowballing: – Include only papers written in English and with full text available – Include the most recent or most comprehensive version of the study is retained – Exclude abstracts, posters and introductions for workshops – Exclude books during snowballing unless readily available online Togaf could be a starting point: https://pubs.opengroup.org/togaf-standard/business-architecture/business-capabilities.html#_Toc95135878 Especially here Enterprise continuum: https://pubs.opengroup.org/architecture/togaf91-doc/arch/chap39.html#:~:text=The%20Enterprise%20Continuum%20classifies%20contextual,descriptions%20or%20specifications%20of%20solutions). Opportunity to work on next stage as well.

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